First Baptist church of Rushville is excited to announce the sanctuary will be undergoing a long needed overhaul. Soon the remodel will begin with the demolition of the stage, stage wall, and audio/video booth. Updates will be posted as much as possible.
Update 9/5/2021: The renovation is now to start sometime in the first two weeks of October. Photos will be taken during the process. Almost $20,000 has been collected for the project. Still need to raise $13,000 more to completely fund the project.

Update 6/23/2021: The renovation will begin in September. A solid date will be announced when the month of September becomes closer. Keep visiting the site for the latest sanctuary renovation news.
Update 7/21/2021: We are continuing to except donations for the renovation. Currently $15,000.00 of the $33,000.00 has been collected. If you would like to donate, you can click on the Online Giving tab, select sanctuary renovation, complete the form and click submit. 2 more months until the renovation begins.