Very Excited. This Sunday, May 22nd, we will be back in the sanctuary. The remodel is complete and we invite all to come join us at 10am Sunday for service. It has been a long journey, I have learned much along the way, and I have become closer to the Lord. I hope to see you Sunday.
Only one photo today. A photo of the completed sanctuary will be coming soon.
Hope to see everyone for the dedication of the sanctuary .
A date will be added soon.
Want to add a new photo of the sanctuary. We added some things to the stage.
Some photo updates on the Sanctuary remodel. It is looking good. We will be getting back into the sanctuary soon.





04/15/2022: I missed a few day, but if you would like to see more photos go to our Facebook page. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the Facebook icon.  I invite all to come to one of our services, the  9 am Traditional or the 11am Contemporary. We would love to see you all.  


04/09/2022: I promised there would be some new photos, so here we go. A couple will give you a unique perspective of the sanctuary. I hope you will enjoy the photos.


There has been much going on at the church the past week. Josh Washmuth has completed the build of the stage and is now working on completing the sound booth. The dry wall has went up and the painting will begin next week. Once we have the carpet picked out, the install will begin on the stage. There is still more to be done and i am excited for the church and its congregation.  God is so good. I will have more photos later.


03/31/2022 Sanctuary Update-Week 3. The remodel is coming along well. Drywall went up today and they are working on the audio booth. The main speakers were rehung for better sound quality. Everything seems to be coming together. I cant wait for the completion. I have a few photos below.


Update 03/27/2022:   Week two of the sanctuary remodel complete. The old stage has been taken down and the new stage has been started. The framing has been done and the floor has been started. Electrical outlets and audio/video boxes have been placed in their locations. Audio and network cabling has been ran for when the sound booth has been complete. The Platform/Step is in its initial stage of construction. It will be arched from one post to the other, so it will take some time to get it just right. Below our some photos from today.


The first week of the sanctuary remodel has concluded. They have completed the removal of the stage and are have been working in the wall. Take a peak at the photos below. I will have a few more in the near future.

Today we had our last services in the sanctuary with the old look. Starting Monday, March 14th, the sanctuary remodel will begin. We are excited to start the next chapter of the church. Please visit the page for updates and photos.

While the remodel is being completed we will be conducting Sunday services in the Friendship Hall located at the back of the church. We look forward to seeing you then and when the remodel is complete.

View below for photos of the  sanctuary and Audio/Video Booth being prepared for the remodel:

It has been a long go at this, but we finally have a concrete start date for the Sanctuary Remodel. Demolition of the stage and audio/video booth with begin on February 14th. Come back to this page for update while the remodel is being complete. There will be photos added throughout the process. I invite everyone to come visit the church now or in the future. If you are looking for a loving, caring bunch of people to call your church family, the people of First Baptist is it.
First Baptist church of Rushville is excited to announce the sanctuary will be undergoing a long needed overhaul. Soon the remodel will begin with the demolition of the stage, stage wall, and audio/video booth. Updates will be posted as much as possible.
Update 10/30/2021: Had a great day at First Baptist Church. We started the first stage of the remodel. All the pews were removed and replaced with nice comfy chairs. Come join us at 9 or 11 am to see the difference. A few photos of the day are below.
Update 10/27/2021: The Pews will be removed on 10/30/2021 and chairs will be added. The remodel should start in Mid November. Due to some issues the project was unable to start when first planned.
Update 9/5/2021: The renovation is now to start sometime in the first two weeks of October. Photos will be taken during the process. Almost $20,000 has been collected for the project. Still need to raise $13,000 more to completely fund the project.

Update 6/23/2021: The renovation will begin in September. A solid date will be announced when the month of September becomes closer. Keep visiting the site for the latest sanctuary renovation news.
Update 7/21/2021: We are continuing to except donations for the renovation. Currently $15,000.00 of the $33,000.00 has been collected. If you would like to donate, you can click on the Online Giving tab, select sanctuary renovation, complete the form and click submit. 2 more months until the renovation begins.