First Baptist Church Welcomes You!

Life is a journey. Obviously we are on a chronological journey but less obvious is the fact we are also on a spiritual journey. That which we see – the physical aspect of life – is not all that there is. The people who gather at First Baptist every week are diligently seeking to learn all we can about the spiritual side of life and we do that in the context of Christianity. We’d like to invite you to come journey with us – see if you can find the Creator of universe – see if He can lead you to a better place – to a deeper understanding of life and thus a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Our Purpose

To help make life better for all who live in Rushville. We try to accomplish this in different ways – physically, emotionally, and most of all – spiritually.

Service Times:

Traditional Service – 9:00AM
Modern Service – 11:00AM